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Millionaire Fox presents the new generation of exchangers. If you wish to acquire our ICO of low fees go to Millionaire Fox and acquire it from the 15th of March 2018.

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Many people wonder why we decided to take our own currency

Millionaire Fox is building a global "Low Fees Exchanger" platform with the best and most advanced management and security technology, with block chain verification using distribution accounting technologies through public blockchain and private blockchain authorized for investments worldwide.

Currently, financial data regarding personal and private investments are not transparent and are controlled by centralized organizations and authorities, subject to the manipulation of the industry and slowing the evolution of benefits and investments, Which is leading more and more people to enter the world of investment in search of that desired financial freedom. The Millionaire Fox coin technology, if adopted worldwide, will add billions of data points to the information chain, benefiting markets around the world and favoring a true and sustained distribution of wealth allowing transfers at an extremely low cost with our network.

Every so often new "companies" appear that seek to profit from the misinformation that the vast majority has about the cryptocurrencies. Each time they place higher and higher send commissions. We want to fight against this also and eliminate the privatization of these false companies. They seek to profit from something as basic as moving your money freely.

By incorporating decentralized and immutable blockchain technologies we hope to add significant value and transparency in a free and unbound financial industry.

We are working very hard on all the projects we have in hand and with this we want to offer innovative tools that are available to anyone completely free and so to Allow everyone to freely invest in all physical and virtual currencies without government restrictions through the use of deposits with decentralized cryptocurrency. In this way we will eliminate global barriers regardless of nationality. We have legal teams working so that this can be carried out legally and Will be able to to provide a new opportunity for clients in those more restricted countries.

With this we want to form the best site online for exchange of all types of currencies at a low cost

Basic properties in the MF software

A set of communication protocols that allow administratively decentralized replicated databases. The distributed accounting books can provide an efficient and more secure infrastructure for the issuance and exchange of digital assets. Its security, democratized control and automation can have a transformative impact on industries ranging from capital markets to world trade.

Security: Cryptographically safe and fast by design. Blockchain marks the beginning of a new era of security at a time when perimeter security and authorized control are no longer viable security models.

Auditability: Blockchain provides a shared and immutable record of each activity in the system, which allows for improved auditability of the activity and traceability of the origin and history of an asset.

Automation: Smart contracts can automate and securely link existing business processes. When designed with blockchain input / output oracles, they can be used to connect disparate systems.

Millionaire Fox coin Roadmap

December 2017:
The team initiated preliminary preparations for an ICO designed by and for investors.

January 2018:
The team makes legal consultations to different sectors with the intention of gathering legal and financial information to assist in the development of the project and only select groups know the creation plan and its characteristics.

February 2018:
The team completes the plan to start the development of the ICO and the creation process begins

March 2018:
The team begins the first phase of the crowdsale and private pre-sale only for users of the website millionairefox.com. Marketing campaigns are also launched to publicize the ICO worldwide.

April 2018:
Launch of the token under ETH contracts, security audits and admin testing in different enviroments.

2Q 2018:
Launch of the exchanger, low price wallets and full implementation of Millionaire Fox coins in the data chains.

3Q 2018:
Global launch and appearance in more than 5 exchangers

These dates are subject to modifications in case of some type of complication

Day 1-60: Divided into 6 pre-purchase phases

*: The price and supply of Millionaire Fox coins will be on a sliding scale based on how early they are purchased, cap market: 50M-60M (M=Million)
Phase 1: Starts with the estimated value: $0.001/coin (5M supply)
Phase 2: Estimated value: $0.002/coin* (5M supply)
Phase 3: Estimated value: $0.004/coin* (5M supply)
Phase 4: Estimated value: $0.006/coin* (5M supply)
Phase 5: Estimated value: $0.010/coin* (5M supply)

10M will be distributed online in this early phase for free in the form of best contests, draws, lotteries and much more things. MF coin it can only be acquired through Millionaire Fox's online site

Day 60-90: Crowdsale

All tokens in available pool unsold during the ICO Sale will be burned. That makes it the best choice in the world, making its price is not inflated by unlimited amount of coins as with many other cryptocurrencies.


  • 10% Founders
  • 7.5% Advisors
  • 12.5% Early Investors
  • 10% Reserve Controlled Fund
  • 30% Pre-Sale
  • 30% Crowdsale


  • 35% Research & Development
  • 25% Best Infrastructure
  • 20% Sales & Marketing Online
  • 13% Operations
  • 2% Legal
  • 4% Contingency

  • Why trust us?

    We have shown throughout this time that we are a serious company, we have many great projects in hand and we do not want to keep any money that we have not earned with work. We have endured while many other websites have fallen or disappeared, our intention remains the same, make you get the best ways to get extra income online and help you with everything in our power. One of the best help you can receive is to have your payments always available without walking with the fear of tomorrow. We guarantee the security of the total capital received so far. This ICO will be implemented at least 4 online exchangers at the end of this year apart from offering you the best service of our new site of Low Fees Exchanger that will be accompanied by a wallet of minimum cost that we are getting thanks to the best developers of security and management of online currencies, we want to have the best possible servers and the best online security to not have any external problem of hackers. We want to provide you with the best quality service at the lowest possible price.

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    You want to adquire our coin? The go to https://millionairefox.com or contact us on info@millionairefox.com